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Calcium sulfate, a food additive used to stabilize and firm foods and regulate their acidity levels, is found in a variety of processed foods. In the amounts typically found in food and supplements, calcium sulfate isn't likely to cause adverse effects and is generally regarded as safe by the U.S ...

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Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Calcium sulfate, 7778-18-9, CaSO4.

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Product Description... To add calcium ions lower pH and add water hardness before the boil. ...

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A. Parvizi-Majidi, S. Begum, in Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering, 2016 2.10 Other Types of Whiskers. In addition to the above whiskers, a number of other whiskerous materials have been synthesized for use as reinforcements or conducting fillers.

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In calcium: Compounds. Calcium sulfate, CaSO 4, is a naturally occurring calcium salt.It is commonly known in its dihydrate form, CaSO 4 ∙2H 2 O, a white or colourless powder called gypsum. As uncalcined gypsum, the sulfate is employed as a soil conditioner. Calcined gypsum is used in making tile, wallboard, lath,…

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Calcium sulfate is a calcium salt that is used for a variety of purposes including: building materials, as a desiccant, in dentistry as an impression material, cast, or die, and in medicine for immobilizing casts and as a tablet excipient.

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Analysis Note These products are for test and assay use only. They are not meant for administration to humans or animals and cannot be used to diagnose, treat, or cure diseases of any kind.

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Long answer. Calcium sulfate is used in a wide variety of foods. It appears as a coagulant, a firming agent, a leavening chemical, a conditioner, a stabilizer, and a thickening agent.

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Calcium sulfate is a naturally occurring substance that is used frequently to improve the structure of clay soils because it helps prevent the leaching of excess sodium in the soil.

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Calcium sulfite, or calcium sulphite, is a chemical compound, the calcium salt of sulfite with the formula CaSO 3 ·x(H 2 O). Two crystalline forms are known, the hemihydrate and the tetrahydrate, respectively CaSO 3 ·½(H 2 O) and CaSO 3 ·4(H 2 O). All forms are white solids. It is most notable as the product of flue-gas desulfurization

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Calcium sulfate (or calcium sulphate) is the inorganic compound with the formula CaSO 4 and related hydrates.In the form of γ-anhydrite (the anhydrous form), it is used as a desiccant.One particular hydrate is better known as plaster of Paris, and another occurs naturally as the mineral gypsum.It has many uses in industry. All forms are white solids that are poorly soluble in water.

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Cal-CM+ Plus Calcium Sulfate – works fast and lasts longer. It is guaranteed Calcium Sulfate. It is the anhydrite that accounts for the high calcium sulfate content and lasts longer in the root zone.


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Adults & Children ages 6 - 12: 4 tablets. Children ages 2 - 6: 2 tablets. Dissolve under tongue 3 times a day. Use more frequently (every 15 minutes for up to 8 doses) with acute conditions.

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Calcium sulfate, frequently called gypsum, is a food additive typically found in processed products. The Codex General Standard for Food Additives reports that calcium sulfate is often used in foods as a preservative, anti-caking agent and anti-foaming agent.

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Synonyms & Trade Names Anhydrous calcium sulfate, Anhydrous gypsum, Anhydrous sulfate of lime, Calcium salt of sulfuric acid [Note: Gypsum is the dihydrate form …

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Oct 04, 2018· Calcium sulfate is a salt that occurs abundantly in the natural environment and also appears as a byproduct of some industrial processes. It is a compound of calcium, sulfur and oxygen, and in its purest form has the chemical formula CaSO 4; this is known as anhydrous — water-free — calcium sulfate, or the mineral anhydrite.It also comes in a "hydrous" form, known as the mineral …

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calcium (Ca) [kal´se-um] a chemical element, atomic number 20, atomic weight 40.08. (See Appendix 6.) Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. In combination with phosphorus it forms calcium phosphate, the dense, hard material of the bones and teeth. It is an important cation in intracellular and extracellular fluid and is essential to the ...

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Calcium sulfate (CaO4S) is a calcium salt that is used for a variety of purposes including: building materials, as a desiccant (drying agent), in dentistry as an impression material, cast, or die, and in medicine for immobilizing casts and as an inactive ingredient tablet excipient and color glaze ...

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Available online at Fluid Phase Equilibria 260 (2007) 300–315 Modelling of calcium sulphate solubility in concentrated multi-component sulphate solutions

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CALCIUM SULFATE is non-combustible. Decomposes to give toxic oxides of sulfur, but only at very high temperature (>1500°C). Generally of low reactivity but may act as an oxidizing agent: incompatible with diazomethane, aluminum, and phosphorus.

What is Calcium Sulfate? (with pictures) - wisegeek.com

Oct 04, 2018· Calcium sulfate is a calcium salt that occurs naturally and is also made synthetically. Uses for calcium sulfate include...